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Hearing Loss & Fatigue

In hearing loss, Hearing Loss Fatigue by Candace Wawra

It’s 5 PM and the end of a difficult day at work. Your colleagues are asking you if you want to grab a quick drink on the way home, but you’re hesitant because it’s difficult for you to follow conversation in a noisy bar or restaurant. Also, you’re tried from trying to make sense of …

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Hearing Loss Fatigue: How to Restore Your Energy

In Hearing Health, hearing loss, Hearing Loss Fatigue, Tips & Tricks by Candace Wawra

Adjusting to hearing loss isn’t easy. The added difficulty in understanding speech and communication actually makes us vulnerable to other health risks and at a fundamental level exhausts our energy. If you’ve felt drained after a long day, take a minute to evaluate what activities you engaged in. If you live with significant hearing loss …