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Are Noisy Restaurants Harmful to Our Hearing Health?

In Hearing Health, hearing loss, lifestyle, News, Research by Candace Wawra

Restaurant noise levels are an increasing concern for customers, employees, and restaurateurs alike. Both surveys conducted by Zagat and Consumer Reports found that excessive noise is the top grievance diners have before service, crowds, or even food problems. Reviewers have reported noise levels averages of 80 dBA or above in restaurants across the country, according …

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Professional Musicians are at Higher Risk for Developing Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health, hearing loss, Musicians, News, Research by Candace Wawra

Musician Eric Clapton revealed during an interview with a British radio station in 2018 that he is dealing with tinnitus, a ringing in the ear commonly caused by noise-induced hearing loss. Combined with chronic nerve damage in his hands that has affected his back and movement, he says live concerts have become a challenge. Clapton …

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Hearing Loss Patients at Higher Risk of Hospital Readmission

In News by Candace Wawra

Hearing loss affects many different parts of our lives, and a recent study has documented an indirect effect of hearing loss on the likelihood to be readmitted to the hospital. Jan Blustein, based at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, was one of the researchers on a new paper that investigated …

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Your Rights with Hearing Loss Under the ADA

In Hearing Health, hearing loss, News by Candace Wawra

Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing have had an uphill battle when it comes to having their equal rights acknowledged. Both in the workplace and in the community, they’ve fought to be recognized as equals and demanded equal access to employment opportunities, community services, and events. Now, your rights are protected under the …

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Occupational Noise Costs Billions in Lost Earnings

In Hearing Health, News by Candace Wawra

It isn’t news that loud noise can damage our hearing, but it may surprise you that noise related hearing loss is costing US workers hundreds of billions of dollars annually. A new study from the University of Michigan tallies annual lost earnings from noise exposure in the United States at a whopping 615 billion dollars. …

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When to Update Your Hearing Aid

In hearing aids, Hearing Health, News, Research by Candace Wawra

Think back to the first time you tried on your new hearing aids. Remember what the world around you sounded like? You may have heard sounds that you’d forgotten about with hearing loss. If you’ve had your hearing aids for some time, chances are you may not notice that you need to update your hearing …