How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

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Candace Wawra

You may not be surprised to learn that hearing loss can interfere with communication, which is one of a relationship’s main building blocks. It can negatively impact both parties of a tie in many ways.

So, we’re here to answer the question, can hearing aids help your relationship improve? The answer is a definite yes, and here are some of the ways hearing aids can help you get closer and avoid those communication issues that can plague a relationship.

How hearing loss treatment can improve your romantic relationship

For those experiencing hearing loss, hearing aids are the most common form of treatment, and they will change the way they listen to the world. People tend to wait seven years on average from the first time they first notice their hearing loss to the time they eventually secure treatment, so any treatment leads to a dramatic improvement.

Most hearing aids on the market have outstanding speech recognition capabilities. Your partner will benefit from them in a myriad of different environments. Speech recognition features accommodate soft conversations in quiet places and in noisy environments to focus on multiple speakers.

  • Reduced effort when communicating
    Any relationship without communication will break down quickly. Sharing feelings, thoughts, expectations, and values sustain the bond between two individuals, and if this interaction begins to vanish, it may be difficult to recover the connections established in the past. The good news is that we can restore the ability to communicate effectively with hearing aids, and you will again be able to engage in conversation with your partner the way you used to.

  • More intimate conversations
    In a recent study that included 4,300 people from around the world, 44 percent of surveyed Americans said their love lives had improved when they handled their hearing loss with a hearing aid. People also pointed out that hearing aids have helped them get back into intimate conversations.

  • Improved independence
    Marriage partners vow to be with each other in both sickness and health, and there are countless times when one spouse depends on the other in the course of a marriage. If one person dramatically depends on the other because of untreated–yet very treatable–hearing loss, both people involved may feel the heat.

    If your partner has hearing loss, you may have helped them a few times by acting as a ‘human hearing aid’ in certain situations. This can quickly breed discontent in you. Aware of this simmering resentment, your partner with hearing loss can then start losing self-confidence and withdrawing from potentially noisy environments rather than relying on you.

    Equipped with a hearing aid however, they can regain a sense of independence and trust so vital to sustaining an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

  • An increase in shared activities
    Hearing aids can restore a sense of spontaneity and fun to a relationship, along with a feeling of independence, by opening up a world of activities that had previously been a source of frustration and anxiety. The hearing aids of today have the technology, which makes it a breeze to go out no matter what the listening environment or situation. Directional microphones, wind and feedback suppressors, wireless streaming capabilities, and other features widen the possibilities for things to do, whether you’re both into music, eating out, or watching movies.

  • Less frustration
    Hearing aids make it easier for those with hearing loss to exchange conversation and communication with those without hearing loss. Communication is more comfortable and more enjoyable for all due to less frustration and repetition. Through improved communication, relationships will better flourish while enhancing the quality of the relationship as well as the quality of the life of the person through hearing loss.

  • Improved relationships with everyone else
    Verbal conversation is the fastest and most effective form of communication, and a lot of people prefer it. Those with hard-to-hear family members report trying to carry on a conversation, but afraid they’ll be misunderstood, or unintentionally cause anxiety for their loved ones. Although hearing aids may take an adjustment period, after fitting several wearers report feeling less alone and more social. While many people have concerns about hearing aids, anybody who wants to improve their social experience will do well to seek treatment.