The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids – like all technological devices – have improved significantly and quickly over the past few years. One of the major advancements with hearing aids is Bluetooth connectivity. When selecting new hearing aids, Bluetooth capability is an important factor. It is important for you to understand whether or not Bluetooth connectivity is necessary or convenient for you. To help you understand this, we have outlined some of the most important benefits of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

What is Bluetooth?

Firstly, let’s begin with understanding what Bluetooth capability even means. Bluetooth technology allows two or more electronic devices to wirelessly communicate with each other in the form of radio waves over short distances. Bluetooth has revolutionized our ability to connect to our cars, cell phones, and even TVs. Basically, Bluetooth enabled hearing aids allow sounds to be streamed from their source (phone call, TV show etc.) directly – and wirelessly – into your hearing aids.

Some hearing aids are specifically “Made for iPhone” and come with built-in Bluetooth capability. This is not the case for all hearing aids, however, that does not mean that these aids cannot connect via Bluetooth. Most modern hearing aids are able to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth through assistive listening devices. These devices are equipped with Bluetooth and are able to pick up the sounds and transfer them to your hearing aids.

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Improve Sound Quality

With Bluetooth, multiple channels are used to transfer the sounds. Because of this, there is less risk of experiencing difficulty such as interference or dropped connections. Also, feedback, whistling, and other issues that are common with some hearing aids are virtually eliminated when using Bluetooth technology.

Actively Use Both Ears

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are actually able to communicate with each other, instantly and intuitively. This allows wearers are more natural sound experience, and better localization. Localization is the ability to determine where a sound is coming from as well as how far or near the sound is. This also allows users to use the combined hearing ability of both of their ears. For example, through Bluetooth, users can hear a phone conversation in both of their ears.

Connect with Multiple Devices

Choosing Bluetooth enabled hearing aids allows users greater flexibility, as most new pieces of technology are already enabled with Bluetooth connectivity. Also, Bluetooth can currently connect and communicate between up to eight devices at a time. This means that you hearing aids could be connected to your SmartTV, and also your cell phone so if a call comes in, you can hear the phone ringing directly into your devices.

Hands Free and Wireless

Bluetooth connectivity is completely wireless. No more getting tangled up in wires or being restricted to certain areas based on the length of your cable. Not only does Bluetooth eliminate the need for wired connections, it is also hands-free. With Bluetooth capability, users can answer a phone call and stream conversations directly into their hearing aids, making calls completely hands free.

Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Right for You?

While there are certainly plenty of benefits to choosing Bluetooth hearing aids, this does not mean that they are the best choice for every hearing aid user. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can be pricier than their non-Bluetooth enabled counterparts. On top of this, Bluetooth aids tend to require more power, thus draining hearing aid batteries at a quicker rate. It is important to weigh out these benefits and drawbacks when making the decision on whether or not to invest in Bluetooth enabled hearing devices.

If you are interested in learning more about Bluetooth hearing aids, reach out to your local hearing healthcare provider. They will be able to walk you through your options and help you decide which hearing aids and which features are the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

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